On the playing methods and characteristics of Aria Craft.

Stability and high playability are our constant pursuit.

Aria Craft has dozens of ways to play, recording the laughter of players, among which are representative works: BEDWARS, DAWN and BRIDGE. The server contains mini game types, survival types.

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High network stability

Ensure that players are in a low delay and stable state throughout the day.

Data reliability

Three NAS servers ensure the data security of the server. All servers use SSD to save data, which is fast and convenient.

Player flexibility

The huge player community makes the server game environment more stable.

Experienced staff

Timely and accurately repair server downtime, faults and vulnerabilities, and punish illegal players to repair the game community environment.

Staff information

We have a huge team of 60 people, responsible for handling Player Affairs, new media platform, public relations, server affairs, network provider affairs, and external information release.

PERSONNEL spt-peter@accentry.cn